The Domino Bar

Employment Opportunities


The Domino Bar is seeking a cook to join our team Wed through Sunday 3:30 to 9:30ish. Our kitchen is going to be kicking off a new menu so the right person can be part of the process from ground zero and contribute to our tradition of delivering great food to loyal regulars and new customers. Believe it or not, our kitchen is clean, all the equipment works, the AC blows cold, the entire staff is cool and the location has a great vibe. And there is a model train.

Don't hesitate to stop by after 2 p.m. and fill out an app. No flakes, cheats, or Eyeores. Prep work, cooking, and the usual with fair pay and cool hours. Wanna learn and worried about lack of experience? All good. Looking to upgrade? We got you. Maybe just part time hours? Let's talk about it. Don't ask why, just get in here.