The Domino Bar

The Domino Bar


The Domino Bar has been a gathering place for Wausau residents for many years. The bar first opened around 1935. A kitchen with a full menu and a large enclosed beer garden was added in 2010. There used to be a grocery store in the front of the building, hitching posts for horses in the parking lot. Regulars would gather from near and far for the welcoming atmosphere.

Domino Bar is well known in Wausau for its hot drinks from Thanksgiving through Christmas. Hot Buttered Rum and Tom & Jerry's are the staples of the season. They are always served up in Christmas mugs that have been collected throughout the years by bar staff and customers. Many Wausau residents that have left the area over the years will make it a point to stop at this time just to get their Tom & Jerry fix for the year.

With the addition of the kitchen in 2010 Domino Bar has also become well known for their Friday Fish Fry, Broasted Chicken, Chimichangas and Reubens.

The Domino Bar was sold and changed hands as of July 1, 2023, the new owners have their own vision of the business and many of the well known traditions may not be carried forward incluiding the much loved train that ran around above the bar. While this may be a big disappointment for much of the community we can keep those memories alive in the stories we share with those we love.